Will Eating Garlic Protect You Form COVID-19?

In the panic to curb the COVID pandemic, it makes sense that there has been some hype around foods with disease-fighting properties (case in point, garlic, which contains allicin, with its antibacterial and anti-cancer properties). But can you really eat your way to safety?

While nutrition can certainly support a healthy immune system, there is no miracle food that will prevent contraction of coronavirus. Rather than dose up on specific foods, a better strategy is to pay extra attention to obtaining a range of nutrients from diverse foods and food groups. A well-nourished body is likely to be more resilient than an under-nourished one.

Of course, nutrition is not the only factor in illness resistance. Complement a rich and varied diet with adequate sleep and rest, exercise, social and family connections and stress-management tactics to help your body and mind to remain fit, strong and healthy.😊


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