November 23, 2020

Women visit a chiropractor for all different reasons.

From preparing the body for a hassle-free pregnancy and minimising the risk of post-partum complications to facilitating recovery during #breastfeeding and fast-tracking a new mum’s return to a ‘pre-baby body’ and regular exercise routine.  

Here are the most common reasons #postpartum women present to soaringhealth for: 

  • Pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain (PRPGP or Pelvic Instability) 
  • Pregnancy-related back or neck pain 
  • Birth related injuries 
  • Coccyx pain and injury Abdominal muscle separation (DRAM) 
  • Rib pain - Hip pain (Femoro-acetabular impingement, FAI) 
  • Carpal tunnel and wrist pain 
  • Return to sport and exercise after childbirth#keepsoaring . 
Soaring Health acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands on which our services are located.

We honour the strength and resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and pay our respects to all Elders, past and present.
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