Are you too young to suffer from arthritis?

Could that sudden stiffness, swelling or pain be the big A? In fact, around two thirds of sufferers are aged between 15 and 60. Yet the perception of arthritis as an ‘old people’s condition’ means that symptoms such as joint pain and/or stiffness are often dismissed as results of being deskbound, over-training or other lifestyle factors.  
Care factor? Left unchecked, this group of conditions (there are many forms) can cause lasting damage to affected joints. A telltale indicator of arthritis is that pain, swelling and stiffness tend to emerge without a clear trigger or cause. To mark World Arthritis Day, we encourage anyone with these persistent, unexplained symptoms to consider consulting a physiotherapist or chiropractor for assessment.

Arthritis signs (experienced for more than a few days): 

-Joint pain 
-Diminished movement or stiffness of a joint 
-’Catching’ of the joint 
-Joint swelling 
-Warmth and redness in the joint 

Arthritis interventions (good news): 

Tests such as X-rays may be used as part of the diagnostic process. If you do have one or more types of arthritis (e.g. osteoarthritis), a personalised treatment plan may include a combination of hands-on techniques, in-room or gym-based and at-home exercises, therapies such as hydrotherapy and even consultation with a dietitian to learn which foods and nutrients aid joint health and minimise inflammation. Arthritis can be managed!  
If you have a question about joint pain or dysfunction, our musculoskeletal experts would love to answer! Just leave us a comment and watch out for your post! #keepsoaring  

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Dr John Ghali’s motivation for studying chiropractic epitomises the Soaring Health mission of enriching lives. “I wanted to be able to help people to thrive and to achieve better quality of life for every client,” he says. The comprehensive anatomical knowledge acquired through a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Applied Science (Chiropractic), and Dr Ghali’s vast clinical experience, are evident in his attention to detail, multimodal approach and ability to assess complex needs and integrate chiropractic with complementary treatments such as physiotherapy to optimise client outcomes.

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