October 8, 2021

Home office sitting tips for back and neck pain

Has working from home at a makeshift desk left you stiff and rusty? These chiro-approved sitting tips could help to relieve back and neck pain and restore free movement.

Fact: few of us sit in a way that maintains good posture and spinal health. Most of us automatically sit in a ‘C’ shape (shoulders rolled forward and pelvis tucked under), which compromises spine health and can lead to dreaded back pain often seen by our physios and chiropractors. The good news is that, like all habits, this C-sitting or other suboptimal seating positions can be unlearned by repeatedly performing a replacement behaviour. With practice, these good sitting habits will become your default.

Sitting fix

First, untuck your pelvis. When you sit, bend at the hips and imagine you have a piece of string from your tailbone out behind you with someone gently pulling it. Your large leg muscles should relax and allow the tailbone to naturally untuck. Be careful not to forcefully arch your back and stick your tailbone out as this will strain low back muscles.

Uncurl your shoulders without either sticking your chest forward or arching your back to ‘push’ back your shoulders. It should be a ‘relaxing’ rather than a forceful effort. It’s a good lesson to teach the kids for school too.

EXTRA TIP: Activities such as yoga and Pilates and therapeutic yoga and clinical Pilates can help retrain the body towards optimal seated posture.

If you are experiencing persistent pain, tightness or stiffness in your back, neck or hips, consider consulting a chiropractor for a spinal health assessment and targeted interventions to relieve pain for good.  

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