September 15, 2020

Improving your posture from home

Oh-oh, it’s slump day! After another week craning to fit in the webcam (or leaning on one elbow on the couch to answer emails), it wouldn’t be surprising if you noticed your shoulders rounding and head poking forward -- with or without accompanying pain, tightness or stiffness.

An antidote to deteriorating posture (aside from practising good ‘sitting hygiene’) is exercises that strengthen stabilising muscles of the core and torso and prevent or combat stiffness in the spine and chest. For 5 simple exercises you can do each day at home to safeguard your posture, check out the blog on our website from Monday. Here is one to get you started this weekend!

Shoulder Blade Setting

Who needs it? If you find it difficult or painful to sit or stand tall with your shoulders back.

How it works: Reduces ‘rounded’ shoulders by strengthening and increasing endurance in stabilising muscles that hold shoulder blades back.

Try it: Lie on your stomach with a towel to support your forehead. Place arms by your sides with palms turned down and pull your shoulder blades down. Squeeze shoulder blades together and hold for 30 seconds. Maintain a neutral spine position and avoid ‘shrugging’ shoulders upwards.

If you have a posture question, ask us in comments. Our physios and chiros would love to answer! Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, distancing weekend. 😊#keepsoaring .

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