September 26, 2020

Key exercises for kids especially if still at home

Kids still at home? Struggling to tear them away from screen time for physical activity?  

We asked our children’s physio Sandra for simple ways to get kids moving during COVID-19 lockdown (it’s kind of like hiding veggies in lasagne).

1. For leg strengthening for children aged 6+, try activities involving hopping, jumping and skipping. To make it interesting, consider using hurdles and cones and getting kids to run around them as they would in sport drills. Stuck for items to use as obstacles? Try using food cans or baby formula cans!

2. For upper limb and arm strength and mobility, try playing throw and catch games. Vary between single-hand and two-hand activities to improve hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. (Don’t worry if they use their body or chest to catch the ball at first. This is normal!)

3. For general fitness, consider using YouTube videos (e.g. dance videos) or game consoles to make exercise fun. Another option is making an obstacle course in the backyard or playing animal games where participants walk like a crab, jump like a kangaroo, stand on one leg like a flamingo, slither like a snake or flap their arms like a bird.

If you’re stuck for at-home activities to promote children’s physical strength and skills, our children’s physios and occupational therapists are here to help. Tell us your dilemma in comments! 😊#keepsoaring

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