September 4, 2020

What to consider at the moment of choosing a pair of shoes

How did you choose your last pair of running shoes? This is a frequently-overlooked factor in both performance and injury prevention. While it is also important to consider activity type, here are some points to consider: 

Know your feet  
Most feet fall into one of three broad categories, which tend to be answered by different running shoe features and benefits. These categories describe the foot’s motion, which is often related to arch type. It’s helpful to know whether you are neutral, over-pronate (rolling excessively to the inside) or supinate (rolling excessively to the outside). Each of these types may benefit from a different type of shoe.

How to tell?  
The easiest way to gauge your type is by the wear patterns on your shoes. If you over-pronate, you will likely notice extra wear to the inner side of forefoot soles and towards your big toe. Supinators tend to notice faster wear to the outer side of forefoot soles and near the pinkie toe. A neutral style is indicated by greatest wear down the centre. Broad shoe type recommendations are motion control shoes for over-pronators, cushioned shoes for supinators and stability or neutral shoes for neutral types. 

Custom kicks 
If you’re not sure which foot type you have, or if you’ve experienced pain or injury, consider an assessment and Foot Levelers functional foot scan. This will measure all three arches and diagnose any vulnerabilities that may benefit from specific running shoes. Alternatively, your practitioner may recommend custom orthotics or alterations in technique (or both) to optimise your performance and minimise the risk of exercise-related pain, injuries and conditions. 

This advice is general and does not account for other important factors such as your personal biomechanics and technique. To learn more about optimising your performance and preventing injury, consider consulting our experts for assessment.   

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