What’s a chiropractic Activator?

If your chiropractor pulls out one of these, should you run? It looks scary and sort of sci-fi, but the ‘activator adjusting instrument’ is a common tool used by chiropractors to target specific points quickly and with low force.  

By delivering force lightly and quickly, the spring-loaded instrument may bypass or minimise muscles’ reactive tensing or resistance. It may also be preferred for clients for whom manual adjustment is contraindicated. 

If you are ever anxious or unsure about any part of your chiropractic treatment or techniques or feel you need more information, always raise your concerns with your practitioner. 

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Dr. John

Dr John Ghali’s motivation for studying chiropractic epitomises the Soaring Health mission of enriching lives. “I wanted to be able to help people to thrive and to achieve better quality of life for every client,” he says. The comprehensive anatomical knowledge acquired through a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Applied Science (Chiropractic), and Dr Ghali’s vast clinical experience, are evident in his attention to detail, multimodal approach and ability to assess complex needs and integrate chiropractic with complementary treatments such as physiotherapy to optimise client outcomes.

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